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23 Bullis Juniors Advance to the National History Day County Competition

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23 Bullis Juniors Advance to the National History Day County Competition
National History Day at Bullis

Since 2010, more than a thousand juniors at Bullis have participated in the National History Day (NHD) contest, where students from around the world discover history and create historical research projects. This year, 150 Bullis students from the Class of 2025 participated in this major research project, and we are pleased to announce that 23 students will advance to the affiliate county competition.

The NHD program was created to encourage students to explore history and develop communication, project management, and historical thinking skills. Students select a topic connected to the annual theme, identify secondary and primary sources, craft a thesis statement, and ultimately create a final product. Students may choose to build an exhibit board, make a documentary, develop a website, or create a performance.

This year, the theme was “Turning Points in History.” The quality of student research and the strength of the historical argument were the primary factors the judges considered. On January 25, students shared their work with a team of judges from the Bullis community who selected the projects to advance to the affiliate level at the Montgomery County Competition on Saturday, March 9.

NHD Contest process

From there, the top two entries in each category at the affiliate contests are invited to compete at the national level. About 3,000 students from across the United States and overseas compete each June at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The 23 Bullis juniors of the Class of 2025 who will advance to the affiliate county competition in various categories are as follows:

Group Performance

Ava M. and Margot P. - “The Minute They Catch on Fire: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and the Turning Point in Women’s Activism and Labor Laws.”
Vivian H. and Evie S., “Watergate: A Turning Point in American Trust.”

Individual Exhibit

Chris L., “AIDS in the Media
Ava S., “Buck v. Bell: Unveiling the Shadow of Eugenics.”

Group Exhibit

Sophia H. and Natalie M, "Mamie Till: Let the People See What They Did to my Boy.”
NHD at Bullis


Evan K., Andrew H.V., and Eric Z., “1968 Democratic National Convention
NHD at Bullis

Individual Documentary

Ethan R., “National Visual Media.”
Zetong B., “Pearl Harbor and Japanese Americans.”

Group Documentary

Linus M. and Amaaya M., “Harmony Unveiled: The Cotton Club Chronicles.”
Blake P. and Josslyn S., “From Horton to Hitler: The Dual Legacies of Dr. Suess.”

Individual Website

Ryan Malekzadeh, “Battle of Blair Mountain.”


Songwei G., “US-China Relations and the Normalization of Diplomatic Ties.”


Group Website

Reid K. and Zach W., ”High Yield Variety Crops: USAID’s Global Fight Against Communism.”


Benjamin B. and Mark M., “The Tuskegee Airmen: The Fight for Military Desegregation.”


We are incredibly proud of the hard work put in by all of our students, and we are grateful to the teachers who have guided them along the way: Ms. Hadaway, Mr. Hanson, Mr. McGowan, Dr. Romeyn, and Ms. Rossiter.

The NHD competition is an excellent opportunity for students to not only learn about history but also develop essential skills that will be valuable throughout their academic and professional careers. We wish our students the best of luck as they move on to the county competition in March.