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2024 Bullis Lifer Ceremony

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2024 Bullis Lifer Ceremony
Bullis Lifers Class of 2024

The Bullis Lifer Ceremony is a heartwarming tradition that marks the culmination of a long and transformative journey for students who have been part of the Bullis School community since their early academic years. Recently, we had the privilege of celebrating this significant milestone for several members of the Class of 2024, including Summer Bernstein, Nathan Chen, Noor Manesh, Brianna Maxwell, and Troy Wisnosky.

These remarkable students started their Bullis journey in the inaugural second grade class of 2014 and have since grown into inspirational young leaders. In a touching display of continuity and community, the kindergarteners from the Class of 2036 presented each Lifer with an oak sapling. This gesture not only symbolizes the growth, resilience, and enduring spirit of each student but also connects the past, present, and future of the Bullis community.

As these Lifers prepare to branch out beyond Bullis, they carry with them the strength and spirit of the mighty oak, rooted in the values and experiences that have shaped them throughout their years at Bullis.

Class of 2024 Lifers and Kindergarten Class of 2036