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Eleven Bullis Seniors Are Celebrated During Lifer Ceremony 2022

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Eleven Bullis Seniors Are Celebrated During Lifer Ceremony 2022
2022 Bullis Lifers

Yesterday, we celebrated a milestone for our 11 Bullis Senior Lifers. Our annual Bullis Lifer Ceremony celebrates graduating seniors who have been at Bullis from the start (Lifers in the Class of 2022 began as Bullis 3rd graders in 2012). Lifers, their parents, school administrators, our Kindergarten Class of 2033, and more gathered in the Blair Center's Howard Auditorium to celebrate the past ten years.

At the beginning of each year, Seniors present acorns to Kindergarten students as a symbol of knowledge and growth; at the end of the year, the Kindergarten students in turn gift graduating Lifers with oak saplings symbolizing growth and achievement. This tradition connects Bullis past, present, and future.

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow. Henry Ford

Head of School Christian Sullivan, Head of Upper School Robert Pollicino, and Head of Lower School Margaret Andreadis shared remarks about the Bullis Lifers graduating this year.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 Bullis Lifers

Lily Bernstein Demi Fragoyannis
Julian Christensen Robbie Hays
Jillian Cohen Billy Helmig
Andrew Dixson Sebastian Mekhaya
Ava Drescher Callie Sattin
Julia Evans  

Watch the 2022 Bullis Lifer Ceremony