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Global Studies Trips June 2019

Global Studies Trips June 2019
Sara Romeyn, Ph.D.

Global Adventures

By Sara Romeyn, Ph.D., Director, Humanities and Global Studies

Bullis School has a robust Global Studies and Service program, and each June dozens of students travel domestically and internationally.

This June, we sponsored four trips.



In the Middle School, students traveled to Hawaii, where they explored the Pearl Harbor National Park Service Site and learned about World War II. This trip was especially active, as students and teachers hiked several mountains and visited several nature areas. Middle Schoolers also spent plenty of time in the water, where they snorkeled, tried jet skiing, and used a stand-up paddleboard.

The teachers who led the trip were Chelsea Fajen, Rita Gehartz, Chelsie Lloyd and Emily Simpson. 

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In the Upper School, students traveled to three international locations:



One group of students and teachers traveled to Italy for an Arts Intensive. The students were lead by art teachers Kathleen Adams and Alice Shih-Kahn. They visited the studios of Maestro Renzo Maggi, a renowned sculptor who has twice been an artist in residence at Bullis. Students also visited the marble quarry where he has secured his materials for many decades. The trip included visits to Florence and Pisa where they visited famous sites and museums.

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Students and two science teachers (Dr. Celeste McDaniels and Ms. Nutter) visited the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas. Dr. McDaniels reports that the students were a fantastic group of ladies and gentlemen who offered insightful comments, participated in group discussions, offered their opinions, were inclusive and never hesitated to engage with the scientists, other students and local Bahamians where ever we went.

The variety of marine biology and ecosystem activities that we engaged in were meaningful and allowed our students an opportunity to see our world from a variety of viewpoints. Dr. McDaniels loved the exciting days full of adventures and getting to interact with such a wonderful group of students and her coworker Laura Nutter.



Students who traveled to Taiwan in June with Chinese teacher Ms. Xeuying Clarke and Mr. Zimmer had a deep cultural immersion! They sampled the cuisine, practiced their Chinese, visited an art gallery, and enjoyed a trip to a market. Many students reported that their favorite part of the trip was a visit to a school, where they enjoyed meeting local students. 

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Stay tuned for the announcement on October 1st about the trips that will be offered in March 2020.

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