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BITlab Year in Review

BITlab Year in Review
Matt Zigler

27 Projects that add making to the whole School

by Matt Zigler, BITlab Coordinator

In addition to classes that meet regularly in the Bullis Makerspace and Fab Lab, many content area classes spend time in the space to work on projects related to what they are studying. For most of these projects, I create a Google Drive folder and share it with the teacher. This is where students will put their files to be laser cut, 3D printed, shared or otherwise stored for producing the final products. It also serves as a great record of a year of creative technology.

Believe it or not, this is only a part of what was created in the BITlab this year. This list doesn't include any projects that were not digitally based, it doesn't include most of the projects from my daily classes, or from the Middle School maker classes. Individual students projects during school or after school are also not included. If I were to go through the list of individual student folders in my BITlab account, I would never finish before new projects were being created!

I love working with teachers to come up with projects for their content. If it's just me doing the things I know how to do every year, I will never grow in the way that I want my students to grow. When a teacher asks me how I would create a project about the human brain, or lollipop molds, or sculptures out of cardboard boxes, it keeps me working to apply tools to new purposes, which gives me more ideas; and turning ideas into reality is what the BITlab is all about.

» View a list of the 27 projects from the 2018–19 school year.

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