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Founders' Festival Week: October 19 - 23

Happy 90th Birthday, Bulllis Founders Day

Founders' Festival Week launches on Monday, October 19, bringing a festive atmosphere to campus as we all wish a happy birthday to Bullis School!

The week will include spirit dress days, a special treat, games outside on campus (with distance, hand sanitizer, and wipes readily available!), virtual fun for all divisions, Bullis trivia--and opportunities to travel through time as we all celebrate 90 years of Bullis School!

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Calendar of Events

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Activities & Games!

On-Campus Activities: 

  • Bullis History Trivia with QR Codes placed around campus. 
  • Virtual Fun for Lower and Middle Schools
  • Upper School Games: A variety of fun games on campus during lunch

Virtual Activities:

  • The Great Bullis Bake-Off 
  • Bulldogs on Parade (an art opportunity)
  • Bullis TikTokers 
  • Alma Mater with a Twist
Bullis Founders Day Fest 90th Birthday