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12 Qualities of a Great Teammate

12 Qualities of a Great Teammate
by Kathleen Lloyd, Director of Girls Athletics and Head Coach of Girls Varsity Lacrosse
12 Qualities of a Great Teammate

As we kick off the winter sports season, we are reminded of how Middle School and High School level sports can be so rewarding and enjoyable. The pursuit of excellence, the joy of competition, and the relationships developed through sports are unique and particularly gratifying.

This proves even more true when you can share these experiences with great teammates. Being a great teammate doesn’t always come naturally, however. It can be difficult to place others, or the needs of the team, ahead of our own ambitions and preferences. Still, being a great teammate matters - and the results are powerful.

Read the following list below and ask yourself if they describe you or if there is a certain area that can use some improvement.

Positive Coaching Alliance lists the following 12 qualities of a great teammate, despite the skill level of the player.

A great teammate:

  1. gives relentless effort.
  2. is unselfish.
  3. is honest.
  4. is humble.
  5. holds themselves and their teammates accountable.
  6. strives to improve.
  7. is optimistic.
  8. has respect for others
  9. is a leader.
  10. is resilient.
  11. helps foster a family atmosphere.
  12. takes responsibility.

As you are reading this list, ask yourself which qualities you bring to your team, to your practices, and to your games each day? Each one of these is as important as the next and again can be the difference between an average experience and a great one.

Kathleen & Ty Lloyd with their son

Kathleen Lloyd started at Bullis in 1995 and is currently the Director of Girls Athletics in the Upper School, Head Coach of Varsity Girls Lacrosse, and Kindergarten PE Teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Frostburg State University in Health and Physical Education and a Master’s Degree from Concordia University-Irvine in Athletic Administration and Coaching. Her husband, Ty Lloyd, has been a member of the Technology Department at Bullis since May of 2000. Together, they are the proud parents of a Bullis alumni from the Class of 2017 — who recently graduated from the Marine Officer Candidate School and will graduate from Virginia Military Institute this December 2021.

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