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Unearthing Our Wisdom and Value: Renewed Agency through BIPOC Professional Coaching

Unearthing Our Wisdom and Value: Renewed Agency through BIPOC Professional Coaching
Bullis Series: Faculty Presents
By Stacey Roshan


This article is part of an ongoing series that highlights recent presentations delivered by Bullis faculty at conferences and workshops throughout the DMV region. Speaking engagements like these allow our teachers to showcase the innovative ways they are connecting with our students and inspiring deep learning.


Ryann Fapohunda | Director of Teaching & Learning
NAIS People of Color Conference

NAIS Conference

Speaking Opportunity

This session illuminates the unique impact of individual, personalized professional coaching by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) for BIPOC through three coaching experiences in two independent schools. Working in accordance with the International Coaching Federation’s standards and core competencies, BIPOC-BIPOC coaching facilitates deeper exploration that is only possible when built upon shared lived experiences affected by identity-based discrimination. In effect, coaching uncovers, embraces and honors individual BIPOC’s wisdom, value, and self-worth, thereby buttressing self-confidence and igniting agency to lead meaningful positive change even when surrounded by oppressive systems. When engaged consistently over time, the BIPOC-BIPOC coaching model provides the most effective avenue for BIPOC to tap into their own lived experiences and expertise in order to work most effectively in predominantly White spaces.

I was drawn to the field of education by my desire to make a positive impact in the lives of young people. As a fairly non-traditional student, who navigated traditional school environments, it was and is still important to me to make students’ educational experiences rich and relevant to their lives and the world. Ryann Fapohunda, Director of Teaching & Learning

Why this topic?

Having experienced firsthand the transformative power of leadership coaching, Ryann has been able to reflect on her professional practice and lead authentically guided by her core values. Given the positive impact coaching has had on her, she felt it was important to share her journey and knowledge with independent school educators so they too can reap the benefits of coaching.



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