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Summer Camp Students Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Summer Camp Students Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

by Matt Zigler, BITlab Coordinator

This summer I got to work with summer camp students on a huge community build project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. This project was led by Adam Savage, formerly the host of Myth Busters, and involved makers and labs (including Microsoft, Adafruit and the NY Hall of Science) from across the US.

Working from digital files made from scans and measurements of the original hatch, 44 makers each created a part of the project and shipped them back to the Air and Space Museum in DC for a live build by Adam Savage and his team. We got to make one of the largest pieces of the project, the outer window assembly, which we carved out of MDF on the Shopbot CNC Router. The final result is a sculptural artifact that is still on display at Air and Space and prominently lists Bullis BITlab on the list of makers.

Adam Savage's website,, has just posted the video from the build and I wanted to share it with you in case you were interested in seeing it: The installation of our part, which required a bit of rubber mallet persuasion, takes place around the 8:30 mark, but the entire video is pretty entertaining.

If you are interested, there is a display in the Gerald L. Boarman Discovery Center lobby with our practice part and more information about the project.

View a 3D model of Project Egress by the Smithsonian

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