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Our Bullis Faculty Blog addresses topics for parents with school aged children by providing insights, activities, and tips from our educators, experts, and fellow parents on Bullis’s campus.

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Bullis BITlab making for social good
Matt Zigler

From 3D printing prosthetic devices for students in need to creating communication boards for kids with ALS who are unable to speak or move — Bullis students are making a huge impact. One of the goals of the Bullis BITlab is to give students experiences that prepare them for real-world challenges and provide them with a chance to start making meaningful contributions to their community which is what the Making for Social Good class is all about.

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Bullis innovative Arts Collaborations
Stacey Roshan

The Bullis Arts department has focused on several rich collaborations within the school and the larger community to engage students in authentic and collaborative artistic processes. View highlights for three fall programs; a mural project with visiting artist Nicole Bourgea, a combined dance and jazz show, and the Upper School play The Crucible.

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Learning does not have to stop beacuse of an extended break
Dr. Kenneth D. Waters

As Bullis students enter winter break and, for nearly three weeks, leave behind their routine they may be experiencing a certain level of relief and excitement.  Subsequently, with all of this time off, there are a few things to be mindful of, which we academics refer to as brain drainor regression and recoupment.

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Farm School to Foundations of Art
Stacey Roshan

A multidisciplinary Farm School experience for 3rd grade students. A revamped Visual Arts program for Upper School students. These are just two programs made possible through the new Bullis Summer Grants program.

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