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BITlab Students Make Meaningful Contributions to the Community

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BITlab Students Make Meaningful Contributions to the Community
Bullis Making for Social Good

Students print and improve Eye Gaze Boards to help students with ALS communicate.

One of the goals of the Bullis BITlab is to give students experiences that not only prepare them for real-world challenges but even give them a chance to start making meaningful contributions to their community. This is the goal of the Making for Social Good (MFSG) trimester elective class. 

In this class, students learn about how 3D printers and the design process can be used to make assistive devices that can be shared and produced at low cost anywhere in the world. In addition to that, students get to make contributions to actual needs. 

This year students worked with the e-NABLE network, which connects makers with people who need low-cost 3D-printed prosthetics. Bullis students 3D printed six full sets of parts to donate to an elementary school that wants to teach kids about prosthetics but doesn't have 3D printing capabilities. Students at this school will assemble prosthetics and learn how they too can make an impact in another person's life.

Bullis BITlab prints prosthetics

Bullis BITlab 3D printed prosthetic parts.

The class then worked with a special education teacher who works with kids with ALS, who are unable to speak or move. This teacher uses a homemade Eye Gaze Boards to help students communicate. The board has pictures placed on it that students can look or gaze at to communicate their needs and wants. Commercially available Eye Gaze Boards can cost more than $100, but our students were able to create a similar product using our laser cutter and recycled acrylic. They then designed 3D-printable improvements to the board to make it easier to place and change images, make the board more stable, and make it easier and cheaper to produce.

The students in MFSG used the design process, tools and resources, and collaboration to make a positive contribution to the world and learned valuable skills through the process.

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