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Cultivating a Free-Range Learning Environment For a Wide Range of Learners

Bullis Series: Faculty Presents

Sherri Watkins, Director of Publications and Design, presented several workshops to dozens of participants across the globe to showcase the impact of virtual Global Studies programming. Through her presentations, she is inspiring educators to explore innovative approaches to global engagement that can expand access to a broad audience of students, surpassing the limitations of traditional study abroad trips. Learn how Bullis students are becoming more connected global citizens through these programs.

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Signature Programs Symposium Fan Favorite

Students from the Class of 2023 who participated in a year-long Signature Program capstone project had the opportunity to present and share their work with the entire Upper School community. Congratulations to all the students who participated and family, mentors, faculty, and program directors who supported them! Find out who won awards and watch the Shark Tank Competition.

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