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Stephanie Mayer-Sattin Named MMEA 2021 Outstanding Music Teacher

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Stephanie Mayer-Sattin Named MMEA 2021 Outstanding Music Teacher
Stephanie Mayer-Sattin

Please join us in congratulating Bullis Instrumental Music Teacher Stephanie Mayer-Sattin! She was just named a 2021 Outstanding Music Teacher by the Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA), the primary organization of schools and music teachers in our state.

This is a wonderful testament to her hard work and dedication in helping to build our music program and developing a reputation for excellence in her 21 years here at Bullis.

About MMEA

Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) is the professional association for the school music teachers of Maryland and is a registered 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization. MMEA’s mission is to provide professional development for music teachers, opportunities for over 26,000 people to engage in state-wide music activities and events involving students, teachers, and volunteers, plus to serve as an advocate for and to advance music education in Maryland schools.

MMEA Outstanding Teacher Award Criteria

This award recognizes and honors music teachers for their outstanding service to the music students in public, private, or independent schools in the State of Maryland.


  • Must be an MMEA/NAfME Member at the time of nomination

  • Must be a Maryland music educator who has taught a minimum of ten years (career teacher) or five years (new teacher).


  • Consistently produces/produced music groups of high-performance level. 

  • Consistently performs/performed programs of high musical quality. 

  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the community and to the state through music. 

  • Has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of music groups in Maryland through participation and leadership in professional organizations. 

  • Must have had student participation in honors performing groups such as All County or All State groups when appropriate. 

  • Has hosted student teachers, meetings, festivals and/or presented workshops, clinics, adjudicated or guest conducted ensemble groups. 

  • Has written articles for various music journals and/or participated in curriculum work. 

  • Maintains/maintained contact with feeder schools where applicable and encourages students to continue their music education. 


  • Continues to improve knowledge by enrolling in education courses for advanced degrees by attending workshops, in-service programs, clinics etc.

  • Has been recognized by area organizations, school PTA or community groups.


  • Demonstrates/demonstrated a caring attitude toward students and serves as an excellent role model. 

  • Has received letters in their personnel file from students, colleagues, parents, and/or supervisor/administrator relating to contributions to the growth of students. 

  • Demonstrates/demonstrated the ability to inspire students to learn. 

  • Encourages and helps students to build self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Works cooperatively with total school staff, parents, and community. 

  • Encourages diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA) in their teaching.

  • Demonstrates performance above and beyond the call of duty.