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Bullis's Lunar New Year Celebration: A Showcase of Talent and Culture

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Bullis's Lunar New Year Celebration: A Showcase of Talent and Culture

The Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, is one of the most significant celebrations in Chinese culture. This occasion marks the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar and is a time for family reunions, festivities, and renewal. It's an important holiday in China and is also widely celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam, and countries with a significant overseas Chinese population.

Explore Chinese Traditions during Lunar New Year

Bullis celebrated the Lunar New Year with a fantastic program hosted by Laverna Y. '24, Tom Y. '24, Elizabeth L. '24, and Christopher L. '25 that showcased traditional and modern music, dance, martial arts, and more. The celebration began with an impressive Dragon Dance performed by Mr. Lum, Tom Y. '24, Aidan L. '24, Trevor V. '26, Grace L. '27, Parker M. 27, Grace C. '27, Cindy C. 27, Luna C. '27, Tony R. '26, Rhys D. '26, and directed by Ms.Tang.

The program featured a variety of performances, including skits, guitar performances, dancing to traditional and modern music, and even a yoyo performance. The event also included original songs and music videos created by students and faculty.

Enjoy the full celebration!

Thank you to Ms. Clarke, Ms. Tang, Ms. Shih-Kahn, Ms. Nie, and Mr. Lum for helping us run this year’s Lunar New Year assembly. We also want to thank our international families for their generous donations for the series of Lunar New Years events.

The Lunar New Year is a time for communities to come together and celebrate their culture, traditions, and heritage. The Bullis School's Lunar New Year celebration was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their talents and share their culture with the community. What a wonderful celebration!

The full program is as follows:

Culture Video Edited by Claire W. '24

Skit by Emily W. '24 and Skylar S. '24

Song《晴天》by Jay Chou
Guitar Performed by Jojo Z. '28 and Joyway W. '28
Sung by Joyway W. '28 and Olivia S. '28

Dance Music: 《琵琶行》《科目三》
Dance Performed by Raeka Z. '28, Laverna Y. '24, Emily W. '24, Luna '27, and Grace C. '27

Guzheng Duet "The Fetter of Puppet" 《牵丝戏》
Performed by Alana K. '31 and Lucia J. '26

Original Song-Solo《平凡-不平凡》
Original Song by Emily H. '24
Music Video Credited to Ms. Nie

Chinese Traditional and Street Dance 中国舞和街舞
Choreography by Wenzi, Anteng, Bada Lee
Dance Performed by Amy Z. '27, Elizabeth L. '24, Skylar S. '24, Faith S. '26, Rosie T. '25, Kylie W. '27, and Brooke T. '26

Golden Hour-Solo 翻唱《黄金时刻》
Original Song by JVKE
Music Video Credit and sung by Wenjing T. '26

Chinese Martial Arts-Spear 武术表演-耍花枪
Performed by Jiselle J. '24
Music Video Credited to Ms. Clarke

Chinese Yoyo 抖空竹
Performed by Gurdas K. '24 and Justin S. '24
Music Video Credited to Ms. Clarke

Multilingual Disney Songs 多国语言演唱迪士尼主题曲
Original Songs by Disney
Latin Lyrics Credited to Mr. Green, Mr. Wood, and Ethan R. '25
Music Video Credited to Ms. Nie
Sung by Rosie T. '24