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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

EP 9 - Nicole Bernard '83 | Redefining Diversity

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EP 9 - Nicole Bernard '83 | Redefining Diversity

Nicole Bernard '83 reveals how her experience as one of the first African American women at Bullis encouraged her to live a life of 'firsts' and pursue her passion for redefining diversity, shifting perceptions of inclusion, and transforming the music and entertainment industry with voices that reflect and represent our culturally dynamic world.

I've been blessed with vehicles like Bullis to get me to see what I'm truly meant to be doing. Nicole Bernard '83
Nicole Bernard '83

Nicole Bernard '83 is the Senior Executive Vice President at Mandarin-Wolf Entertainment where she serves as a key member of a collaborative venture with branding business development and brand strategy. She is passionate about the company’s engagement with diverse audiences and is the visionary behind historic diversity initiatives like the FOX/HBCU Media Alliance launched in 2013.

  • Alumni
  • Class of 1983
  • Episode 9
  • Season 1