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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

EP 8 - Leigh Kessler '93 | Appreciate Your Differences

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EP 8 - Leigh Kessler '93 | Appreciate Your Differences

Leigh Kessler '93 describes his life today as a Bullis alumnus, parent, and husband as he reminisces on his favorite high school memories, his love for comedy, and how he uses this platform to embrace his differences and inspire others to discover theirs. Also, the moment he realized the intersection between branding, marketing, and stand-up comedy would jumpstart his corporate career as the keynote Stand-Up Speaker.

Bullis is K-12, and that speaks to people's lives being lived there, which means it's something that is part of you. I have seen that in my own experience as a student and alumni and what I'm seeing now as a Bullis parent and husband. Leigh Kessler '93
Leigh Kessler '93

Leigh Kessler '93 is the Vice President of Marketing for CharityEngine, a leading technology platform for non-profits and fundraising. Formerly a professional stand-up comedian, Leigh is most presently known as the Stand Up Speaker and can be found giving keynote and training presentations on insightful and educational marketing strategies for any audience & event. He has been featured on The WB's The Daily Buzz, CNN's Showbiz Tonight, Sirius Radio, VH1's Best Week Ever, and more.

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  • Class of 1993
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