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EP 10 - Kira Orr '93 | Coming Home

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EP 10 - Kira Orr '93 | Coming Home

In our season finale, Kira Orr '93, Bullis' Assistant Head of Upper School, shares her fondest memories as a former star athlete whose passion for basketball and achieving excellence through balance helped her become the first woman in Duke University's history to be drafted to play professionally. Plus, her deep connections with the Bullis community as she remembers the journey that led her back to her alma mater and home away from home.    

Bullis has always been like a family to me. For me, it opened doors and other opportunities. As large as it is, it definitely still feels small. You get that individualized attention that you need and you're still able to find your own place. Kira Orr '93
Kira Orr '93

Kira Orr '93 is the Assistant Head of the Upper School at Bullis and has been a member of the community for over 20 years. After making history at Duke University as the first woman to be drafted from their Woman's Basketball Program, Orr spent a year playing for the Seattle Reign and then returned to Bullis where she has served in several roles with a mission to impact the lives of our students and amplify the Bullis experience.

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  • Class of 1993
  • Episode 10
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