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EP 2 - Brett Guterman '18 | Leverage What You Don't Know

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EP 2 - Brett Guterman '18 | Leverage What You Don't Know

Brett Guterman '18 shares his success after winning the Bullis Signature Program's Shark Tank, how Bullis made him resilient as an entrepreneur, and the rebuilding of his brand, OTG Baby.

At Bullis, people genuinely want to see you succeed. When I graduated, I knew I made the right decision because I found a place that really cared about me and allowed me to flourish as an individual.Brett Guterman '18, Founder of OTG Baby
Brett Guterman '18
About Brett

Brett Guterman '18 is a current student at George Washington University School of Business and the founder of OTG Baby — a product he developed as a student in the Bullis Entrepreneurship Signature Program and Capstone in 2018. Brett has since launched OTG Baby in the early months of 2020 and has been operating the company full time.

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