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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

Support Your Alma Mater

Thank You for Giving Back!

There are many ways to support your alma mater—and no matter the size, all are appreciated and contribute greatly for today’s students to get the most from their Bullis experience.

We are grateful for the support of our alumni who continue to give back to the school in a variety of ways—as mentors, coaches, reunion planners and volunteers, or through donations.

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Honoring Our Alumni Donors 2021-22

List as of: January 2022

We appreciate every gift and thank you for your contribution to the Bullis Fund. We offer special recognition to our alumni who have made a gift so far this school year. Donors are also recognized in the Bullis Report of Annual Giving released at the end of each fiscal year.

Alumni Name Class
John T. Scudi 1962
Richard J. Lucey 1963
Michael Terry 1963
Michael J. Bresler 1964
Rick E. Lankford 1968
Christian R. Beers 1973
Drew J. Mannes 1977
Gary S. Friedlander 1979
Robert K. VanHoek 1973
Jim E. Hurson 1981
Michael Rassael 1982
Julie A. Coan 1983
Candice Mitchell 1983
Cyndi E. Vasco 1983
Kevin Vasco 1984
Vicki Friedlander Harvey 1986
David H. Cohen 1987
Michelle R. Cohen 1987
Steve J. Grudziecki 1987
Nina C. Price 1987
Jon Halle 1988
Claudia B. Helmig 1988
Clayton R. Simmers, II 1988
Geeta Tholan 1988
Nicki Geifman 1988
Marc N. Steren 1998
Brian J. Raymond 1990
Adam S. Goozh 1991
Josh E. Dworken 1992
Adam B. Hanin 1992
Arvin Malkani 1992
Soheil M. Zadegan 1992
Leigh H. Kessler 1993
Kira R. Orr 1993
Rob Stien 1994
Adam J. Arnold 1995
Seth Goodman 1995
Samuel M. Sanders 1995
Rebecca M. Kaizer 1996
Nikki Cohen 1997
Jaclyn Blanken 1998
Shannon Ryan Crain 1998
Jason Katzen 1998
Carl E. Tugberk 1998
Jennifer L. Okun 1999
Elliott Datlow 1999
Dre R. Parra 1999
Austin R. Berk 2000
Tara S. Parra 2001
Brad S. Ryan 2003
Grant Hollingsworth 2004
Adam R. Bieber 2005
Casey Cotter 2005
Ezra Raskas 2005
Svet Tintchev 2006
Gabriel Raskas 2008
Brian Will 2008
Taryn Kittel 2010
Sam Thomas 2012
Paul Mavrikes 2014
Chelsea Widerlite 2014
Coco Guo 2020
Paggy Han 2020
Mingyang He 2020
Charlotte B. Helmig 2020
Judy Liu 2020