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Summer ‘24

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Summer ‘24
Summer B.


  • When did you start at Bullis?
  • I have been at Bullis since the 2nd grade (2013).

  • What classes have you most enjoyed at Bullis and why?
  • One of my favorite classes was 7th grade English. My teacher taught me everything I need to know about how to write the perfect paper and built my confidence as a writer. I also enjoy taking science classes at Bullis, specifically Honors Biology, and look forward to Honors Chemistry.

  • What activities do you participate in at Bullis?
  • I am part of the yearbook staff and hope to be the co-editor in chief next year. I participate in the KEEN Club and am co-president of the Business Gives Back club. I am also the upper school leader and social media manager for the Girls Who Start Club. In middle school, I was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society, the Junior Art Honor Society, and had the pleasure of producing "A Day in the Life as a Bullis Student" video for admissions. Over the years, I've enjoyed playing tennis and lacrosse at school. I volunteer for the So What Else charity and the Sussex County Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

  • What do you like most about the Bullis community?
  • I like that the Bullis community is diverse and inclusive. It is a community that welcomes differences and promotes a collaborative environment. At Bullis, students are taught to advocate for themselves, stay organized, and work toward personal goals.

  • What are you most passionate about and why?
  • Having started as a freshman in the upper school during COVID, I'm still exploring the various things I am passionate about. It's been exciting to be able to walk the halls again and collaborate with my friends and classmates in person. I'm looking forward to trying new business classes such as Business Model Design, Entrepreneurial Finance, and Personal Finance. These courses will lay the foundation for my senior Honors Entrepreneurship Capstone program.

  • What global challenge would you like to see tackled and how do you see yourself contributing to the positive change that you desire?
  • The global challenge I would like to see tackled is financial literacy, specifically among young women. That is what motivated me to get involved with the Girls Who Start and Business Gives Back clubs. Both of my parents work in the finance industry so it is a passion that runs throughout my household.

  • Why Bullis?
  • Families should consider Bullis because it is a diverse, inclusive community that always finds ways to improve. Regardless of your interests, there are endless opportunities for students to pursue, whether it's trying new things, or developing the topics you're passionate about.

  • Class of 2024
  • Upper School