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Sarah ‘23

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Sarah ‘23
Meet Sarah


  • What grade did you start at Bullis?
  • I have been at Bullis since the 9th grade.

  • What classes have you most enjoyed at Bullis and why?
  • The classes I have enjoyed the most at Bullis are Honors Geometry and Ceramics. I liked Geometry because my teacher really showed me and my peers that she cared about us as students. Before this class, I did not like any form of math, but she helped me get over my fear of fractions and she pushed me to work my hardest. I enjoy doing ceramics with Mrs. Shih-Kahn because she is a very engaging teacher and she makes sure that all her students feel welcomed in the class. Ceramics is one of my favorite classes because I can take a break from learning and express my creativity.

  • What activities do you participate in at Bullis?
  • I participate in field hockey, community service, Teens with Heartsongs, Junior Ambassadors, KEEN club, and Bullis Student Tutoring.

  • What are you most passionate about and why?
  • I am most passionate about community service because not only does it benefit others, but it has helped me become a more sympathetic and grateful person. I am so honored to be able to have the opportunity to be a part of the Community Service Team at Bullis.

  • What global challenge would you like to see tackled and how do you see yourself contributing to the positive change that you desire?
  • One global challenge I would like to see tackled is human trafficking. This issue is  absolutely appalling considering slavery is a term associated with the past. I could see myself contributing to fixing this issue as best as I can by becoming a lawyer and working with organizations such as the United Nations when I am older.

  • Why Bullis?
  • My family and I picked Bullis for a variety of reasons, but the main ones are the amount of opportunities, diversity, and the community. There is no bullying and as a community, we make sure that everyone's voices are heard through town halls and class workshops. Diversity is extremely important because it is necessary to know how to work with different types of people and a diverse environment promotes acceptance. I truly believe that there is something at Bullis for everybody.

  • Class of 2023
  • Upper School