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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

Diyar ‘27

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Diyar ‘27


  • What grade are you currently in and how long have you been a student at Bullis?
  • I have been at Bullis since the 2nd grade.

  • What classes have you most enjoyed at Bullis and why?
  • I'm really enjoying Language Arts with Mrs. Demers and Spanish with Señora Velikovsky. These are my favorite classes because in Language Arts you get to be calm and read at the beginning of class, which I think it's good to be calm before class fully starts, and Spanish because it's a whole other language.

  • What activities do you participate in at Bullis?
  • I participate in soccer, basketball, and track.

  • What are you most passionate about and why?
  • I love sports and Bullis is known for being very good at sports and teaching you new sports.

  • Class of 2027
  • Upper School