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Juliet W. ‘27

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Juliet W. ‘27
Juliet W.

What year did you start at Bullis?

6th grade, in 2020

What activities do you participate in at Bullis? 

I do a lot of theater, in and out of school.

What do you like most about the Bullis community?

Everyone is so kind and inclusive. You can talk to anyone and everyone is always so nice.

What are you most passionate about and why?

I am most passionate about Theater and performing.

Why Bullis? 

I chose Bullis because of the kids, the teachers, and the classes. When I came to Bullis to tour, I was really interested in all the topics that people were learning. Everyone is so kind, too. Also, the teachers understand how you learn and they help you with whatever you need.

  • Class of 2027
  • Middle School