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Sam Thomas '12

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Sam Thomas '12
Sam Thomas

How long have you been at Bullis?

Faculty since 2016, and two years as a student

What role or roles do you play at Bullis? If you are teaching faculty, what do you teach? 

Campus Safety and Security

What made you decide to work in an educational setting? 

I enjoyed my time here as a student so much, I wanted to come back and continue to be a part of the community.

What is your favorite thing about working at Bullis?

The friendliness of the people 

When not at Bullis, what interests do you pursue?

Working out, reading/writing, DJ-ing

Who is someone that inspires you and how?

Cameron Hanes. He embodies the mindset of consistently working hard and striving towards a goal. 

What is the best book or production that you have read, watched, or listened to lately? 

Countdown 1945 by Chris Wallace

What global challenge would you like to see tackled and how do you see yourself contributing to the positive change that you desire?

I'd like to see kids getting more opportunities to improve their lives from an early age instead of being stuck in bad situations with no hope. I see myself contributing by continuing to work at Bullis, which offered me that opportunity when I was a student here. 

What is one fun fact about you that others may not know or may surprise them?

I have 2 ACLs in my left knee

Why would you tell a prospective family to choose Bullis?

You'll be a part of the greatest community of people this area has to offer. An unparalleled educational experience and the friendliest atmosphere I've been a part of will make your time here unforgettable. 

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  • Class of 2012
  • Faculty