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Marilyn Moreno

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Marilyn Moreno
Marilyn Moreno

How long have you been at Bullis?

Since 2012

What role or roles do you play at Bullis? If you are teaching faculty, what do you teach? 

Head of Middle School

What made you decide to work in an educational setting? 

I have enjoyed working with children in numerous capacities since my teenage years. As a result, I always knew I would select an educational pathway as a career choice. I believe there is nothing more satisfying than enriching the lives of students on a daily basis while also impacting the lives of students in the future. So, I chose to work in an educational setting to help students grow academically, socially, and emotionally as they discover their unique talents that will one day contribute to society.

What is your favorite thing about working at Bullis?

My favorite thing about Bullis is the community environment coupled with talented and passionate employees, awesome parents, and outstanding students.

When not at Bullis, what interests do you pursue?

When I’m not at Bullis, I enjoy paying it forward by serving as a college supervisor for interns completing educational administration degrees. Additionally, I enjoy traveling, community service, reading, and music.

Who is someone that inspires you and how?

My parents and grandparents were my greatest source of inspiration. My mother’s love for education sparked my interest in the career, my grandparents’ positive messaging instilled confidence, and my father’s gentle push to consistently achieve milestones served as major motivators. 

What is the best book or production that you have read, watched, or listened to lately?

I’ve recently read Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers, by Jo Boaler. The author revisits fixed vs. growth mindsets and reminds us that we are limitless in our abilities to be extraordinary especially when working collaboratively towards a common goal.

Hamilton is my favorite Broadway Show. What a treat to learn more about one of the United States’ founding fathers in such an entertaining way. When the musical became available on Disney + I watched it over and over while safely quarantining.

What global challenge would you like to see tackled and how do you see yourself contributing to the positive change that you desire?

I am interested in continuing the important work of gender equality. Despite a number of gains in this area, challenges continue to exist. As an educator, it’s important to hire positive role models, empower girls in the classroom, encourage girls to participate in leadership opportunities, design projects that increase gender-based interest in STEM, and increase gender-based enrollment in entrepreneurship courses.

What is one fun fact about you that others may not know or may surprise them?|

I taught a curriculum and instruction course to students completing a master’s degree in Athens, Greece. While teaching adult learners, I toured the beautiful city steeped in history and culture, visited schools, saw ancient ruins, fascinating museums, and the grand Temple of Olympian Zeus. 

Why would you tell a prospective family to choose Bullis?

Bullis is an outstanding educational institution. It offers a rigorous, student-centered academic program that balances experiences with arts and athletics. When you attend Bullis, you’re not only receiving a co-educational, independent school setting that prepares you for college—you also become a part of a community that supports your family from the K-12 educational journey.

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