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Hosea Rowe

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Hosea Rowe
Hosea Rowe

How long have you been at Bullis?

Since 2017

What role or roles do you play at Bullis? If you are teaching faculty, what do you teach? 

Bus Driver 

What made you decide to work in an educational setting? 

The love 

What is your favorite thing about working at Bullis?

The Bullis staff

When not at Bullis, what interests do you pursue?


Who is someone that inspires you and how?

Marcus Garvey. Be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone define you. 

What is the best book or production that you have read, watched, or listened to lately? 

A Promised Land by Barack Obama

What global challenge would you like to see tackled and how do you see yourself contributing to the positive change that you desire?

The end of racism 

What is one fun fact about you that others may not know or may surprise them?

That I am very athletic. 

Why would you tell a prospective family to choose Bullis?

Simple: Bullis is an excellent institution for higher learning.

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