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Steven Attah '14

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Steven Attah '14
Steven Attah '14

What grades did you attend Bullis? What year did you graduate?
9th - 12th grades, Class of  ‘14

Where did you attend college and what is your occupation?
Dean College & Stevenson University; Bullis Security Member

What activities or classes were most memorable for you as you reflect on your time at Bullis?
Football provided the most memorable moments from working out and staying late to work on my craft. My favorite class apart from dance was Psychology. I took Psychology in college because I fell in love with getting to know people and understanding how people think. It also reminded me never to judge someone from their past because we can only work with the environment or situation you grew up in.

How did Bullis best prepare you for college and beyond?
Bullis helped me become a student and showed me how to study and sacrifice time from playing games or going out with friends to lock in and do your responsibilities to the best of your abilities.

Please tell us about what you have been doing since graduating from Bullis.
I’ve been working at Bullis and I’m currently a security member. I’ve been getting involved with the music side of my family. I’m currently in the process of obtaining my Mortgage Broker license and soon beginning my journey in the housing markets.

Which part of your journey has been most rewarding?
The most rewarding part of my journey was going to college and beginning to meet different people from all over. I love visiting places and different areas to get more of an understanding of other people’s environments. Understanding that you never know where someone may come from that you think is going to be a huge influence on you in life down the road. So the most rewarding part is being able to see and meet friends who become family.

What would you say to Bullis students who are currently on their journey to finding purpose?
Stay afloat. Never think you might not like something until you try it. Also gain the mentality that you're here for a purpose and that purpose is what you ultimately decide it to be.

Who is someone that inspires you and how?
My mother and father are people who inspire me the most because they taught me what hard work and dedication can get you. So as I’m giving back to the community, I’m also giving back to them by showing them they raised a strong and determined child.

What global challenge would you like to see tackled and how do you see yourself contributing to the positive change that you desire?
A global challenge I would like to see tackled is the need for people to find common ground amongst one another and learn to live with people who think differently than they do. One of the greatest things for America is being able to have so many cultures and ideals that are interesting and may even change the world. But at the same time, not destroying someone's ideals because they don’t agree with yours. I think once we become two sided then we become divided. And a house that is divided shall fall.

Why would you tell a prospective family to choose Bullis?
The opportunity to change your life and meet extraordinary people with wisdom is here at Bullis. You never know who you will become friends with down the road. Plus the knowledge you get here makes you better prepared to tackle any challenges you may face.

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