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Ariana Moreno '15

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Ariana Moreno '15
Ariana Moreno '15

How long have you been at Bullis?

I have been at Bullis since 2020 as faculty and four years as a student.

What role or roles do you play at Bullis? If you are teaching faculty, what do you teach?

Admission Associate and Alumna (Class of 2015)

What made you decide to work in an educational setting?

I love getting to know students and their passions. For me, helping others has always been my passion. The educational setting allows me to not only learn from students and teachers around me but also serve the community, share my knowledge, and impact the lives of families daily.

What is your favorite thing about working at Bullis?

Building connections with students and families as well as continuing relationships with faculty who played a significant role in my experience as a student. The environment here is one of a kind with a true sense of community. Sharing my experiences with prospective families makes this job genuine and very enjoyable for me.

When not at Bullis, what interests do you pursue?

When I'm not at Bullis, I spend time pursuing my Masters in Business Administration at George Washington University to support my love for learning. I also enjoy music, traveling, and, most of all, spending time with my family and friends.

Who is someone that inspires you and how?

My mother. She is intelligent, passionate, and optimistic even through life's many challenges. I've always admired her resilience and ability to approach every day with a positive attitude and contagious smile. So much of who I am and strive to be is due to her example as well as her unwavering love, guidance, and support.

What is the best book or production that you have read, watched, or listened to lately?

I am currently reading Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. A great read for those interested in marketing, business development, and strengthening connections with customers through storytelling.

Before the pandemic, I saw The Lion King on Broadway. My favorite musical production ever!

Ariana Moreno '15

What global challenge would you like to see tackled and how do you see yourself contributing to the positive change that you desire?

Equal opportunity in education, the workplace, and beyond. I contribute to this change by serving as a motivating voice and helping hand to those who may not have access to the support and/or resources needed to pursue their passions and aspirations.

What is one fun fact about you that others may not know or may surprise them?

I lived in Melbourne, Australia for one summer while interning with one of the country's largest non-profits and awareness campaigns. Through an international internship program, I made several friends from around the globe, explored great cities and cuisine, and even spent some time hanging out with koalas and kangaroos!

Why would you tell a prospective family to choose Bullis?

Every day, I have the pleasure of telling prospective families how amazing this caring, challenging community truly is. Bullis is a place that supports and cares for the entirety of each student both inside and out of the classroom. With the attention, access, and opportunities provided throughout the Bullis experience, students walk away equipped with knowledge, confidence, compassion, and a full scope of what the world has to offer.

  • Alumni
  • Class of 2015