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Anna Rose Robinson ‘22

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Anna Rose Robinson ‘22
Anna Rose


  • What grade did you start at Bullis?
  • 6th grade
  • What activities do you participate in at Bullis?
  • I am a member of the National Honor Society, a member of the Bullis Science National Honor Society, a Bullis Student Tutor, a part of the Bullis Dance Program, part of the After School Open Art Studio, and I'm on the Bullis Teens with Heartsongs team. Outside of school I dance competitively at Elite Dance Studio and I am a part of the Helping Hands Club.
  • What do you like most about the Bullis community?
  • What I like most about the Bullis community is the scholarly environment. There are so many opportunities for us to grow academically - from the resources in the Discovery Center to the peer-based support in Bullis Student Tutors. I appreciate the time built into the schedule for us to seek extra help from our teachers. The curriculum pushes me, but the community is here to catch me if I fall.
  • What are you most passionate about and why?
  • I am passionate about social justice and connecting with people in my community who want to correct the same injustices as me. I love to talk with my peers about our views and experiences to create ideas that will better the world for everyone. I feel empowered when I march with strangers in D.C., knowing that I am surrounded by people with the same internal push to create change and take advantage of our power as citizens of a democracy.
  • What global challenge would you like to see tackled and how do you see yourself contributing to the positive change that you desire?
  • I want to see climate change tackled because of its imminent threat on the world. Watching the effects of climate change become more dramatic each year creates a sense of urgency in me to create a change that can save our planet. I understand solving this issue depends on both the individual and society as a whole. One approach I can take is to write letters to large corporations and congress members, who are key players in this fight. I want to see a switch to renewable energy sources and legislation from the government that will see this through.
  • Why Bullis?
  • I appreciate being at Bullis because the school is well-rounded. The encouragement of pursuits in different fields allows me to be a dancer, painter, tutor, and student all at once. Teachers and coaches are equipped to inspire, and the friendships made will last a lifetime.
  • Alumni
  • Class of 2022