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Bullis Campus Driving Tour

Welcome to the Bullis campus driving tour, where you can explore campus from the comfort of your vehicle. Follow the maps below and listen as Grace, a Bullis Upper School student, shares with you about our campus.

Driving Tour Dates & Times

Please only take the driving tour during the times provided, as you will be driving in the opposite direction of the regular flow of traffic in some areas of the tour.

Bullis Safety Reminders

Driving Tour Registration

Before you begin, we'd love to know a little more about you so we can keep you updated on all things Bullis.

Campus Map

Bullis Private School campus map

Welcome to Bullis

Welcome to Bullis

Start Here

  • Begin your tour by entering through the main entrance on Falls Road.
  • If security is present at the gate, please stop and let them know you are here for a self-guided driving tour of the campus.
  • Drive toward the flagpole, turn left at the circle.
  • Founders’ Hall will be on your right-hand side.
  • Press 'Play' at Stop A.

Stop A: Founders’ Hall

Bullis Founders Hall

Driving Directions to Stop B

  • Follow the road around to your right.
  • You will see the senior parking lot and practice and game fields to your left.
  • At the stop sign, turn right, just before the tennis courts.
  • Pull forward until you are at the first crosswalk, between North Hall and the Marriott Family Library (both on your right across from the tennis court).
  • Press 'Play' at Stop B.
Stop sign make a right to stop B go straight for stop E

Stop B: North Hall & The Marriott Family Library

Marriott Family Library
Marriott Family Library

Driving Directions to Stop C

  • Pull forward and stop before the next crosswalk, just beyond the library.
  • Press 'Play' at Stop C.

Stop C: The Blair Family Center for the Arts, the Amphitheater, & South Hall

Marriott Family Library
Marriott Family Library
Marriott Family Library

Driving Directions to Stop D

  • Proceed to the stop sign.
  • Turn right. You will see one way and do not enter signs, but during the hours of the Bullis driving tour you may turn right here to stay on campus and complete the tour.
  • Stop at the crosswalk. You will see the playground on your left and The Dr. Gerald L. Boarman Discovery Center in front of you on the right.
  • Press 'Play' at Stop D.

Stop D: The Bullis Playground & The Dr. Gerald L. Boarman Discovery Center

Marriott Family Library
Marriott Family Library

Driving Directions to Stop E

  • Head forward and turn right. (This takes you back to the original road that leads you past Founders’ Hall.)
  • Go past Founders’ Hall (Stop A) for a second time.
  • Follow the road around to the right for a second time.
  • At the stop sign go straight.
  • You will pass the tennis bubble, located on your right.
  • Pass the Head of School’s residence, located on your right.
  • Continue toward The Kline Alumni Stadium.
  • Veer to the left and stop at the circle in front of the Bullis School Athletic Center.
  • Press 'Play' at Stop E.
Continue straight to Stop E
Stop sign make a right to stop B go straight for stop E

Stop E: The Bullis School Athletic Center

Marriott Family Library

Driving directions to exit campus

  • This ends our driving tour.
  • To exit campus, please continue forward.
  • Turn left at the stop sign (past Kline Alumni Stadium).
  • Wind around to the Falls Road exit.
  • The gates operate on a sensor and will open automatically.
  • Play 'Thanks for Visiting'.

Thanks for Visiting

Bullis School campus aerial view

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Bullis is situated on a stunning 102-acre campus and is home to a full range of state-of-the-art facilities for learning, arts, discovery, and sports. Students breathe fresh air as they move among buildings and experience a variety of integrated learning environments.

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