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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

Lower School K-5

Lower School K - 5

Exploration Led By Student Curiosity

Bullis Lower School students in Kindergarten through 5th grade discover joy in learning. The curriculum encourages students to explore, create, and analyze the world around them — setting the tone for the Bullis community.

  • We start each day in Morning Meeting, which builds both community and a clear sense of individual responsibility.
  • Through a well-integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum, Lower School students develop skills in all subject areas.
  • Teachers embrace ways to provide individual instruction based on student need and interest, finding challenging and innovative ways to stretch student learning to meet high expectations.
Bullis Lower School grades K - 5

Welcome to Lower School

Genta Branstetter, Head of Lower School

Ask our youngest students – What did you do today?


You are likely to hear things such as —
I learned how to plant seeds; I watched a butterfly emerge; I made a pet robot, I sang a new song, I made a friend.
At Bullis, these meaningful experiences teach our students to be life-long learners, who actively participate in developing an understanding of the interconnected world around them.


Explore. Create. Analyze.

Lower School science
Bullis Lower School STEM
Bullis Lower School young readers and writers

We have so much fun in Lower School — exploring, investigating, asking questions, and trying new things together.

The Campus is Our Playground
  • Outdoor adventures are an essential part of the experience for students in the Lower School. Our 102-acre campus includes traditional playgrounds, natural play elements sympathetic to the landscape — and an indoor/outdoor science classroom in the Discovery Center.
  • In Lower School, athletics take the form of noncompetitive physical education and movement classes. Students have a daily opportunity to focus on coordination, collaboration, and body awareness.
  • As explorers, readers, writers, artists, scientists, and individuals, we follow our curiosity.

At Bullis, you can be a part of something big in a community just your size.

What does a typical day look like?

Discover Lower School at Bullis