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Experiential Education

Learning Through Experience

Build Teamwork, Respect, & Confidence

Two Days at the Beginning of the School Year

Each year, to kick off the start of school, all Bullis students enjoy two days of experiential education (ex-ed).

  • These ex-ed experiences at Bullis help to blend new and returning students by emphasizing teamwork, respect for others, confidence, and the joy of discovery.
  • Classes unite and friendships bud before the school year begins.

Each grade has a different adventure, which may include hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, or rafting. While some students team up to tackle a ropes course, others do service projects. Juniors visit college campuses as they work to identify their best college fit.

Bullis Discovery Days

Week-long Sessions in the Spring

Choice, collaboration, and growth without grades are the hallmarks of Bullis Discovery Days— a time when students and teachers pause their regular school routines for an immersive experience in something new.

  • Discovery Days encourages students to take risks, find their passions, ask interesting questions, and face challenges in a non-traditional setting.
  • Students develop knowledge, skills, and values outside of the classroom.
  • The courses further develop the core Bullis academic values of collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and resourcefulness.

Students choose from a wide range of options, then pursue their interests together.

Here Are a Few Example Discovery Days Courses