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Newsletter: The College Crier

Upper School 9 - 12
Get the Latest News & Info on Applying to College

The College Counseling Crier is a monthly newsletter that is sent to Upper School families to help guide you through the college exploration and application process. We cover upcoming standardized test dates, tips and tricks, events, workshops, and more.

In This Issue

College Counseling Crier COVID-19 Edition

Volume 3, Issue 9: April 2020

  • Upcoming Standardized Test Dates | Save the Dates | Cancellations
  • Making a Choice During Confusing Times
  • Canceled SAT/ACT? How to Stay Prepared and How to Move Forward
  • Yale Yields Helpful Information
  • Business as Usual
  • Celebrations Continue Amid Curious Times
Bullis School College Counseling newsletter

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