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College Counseling

Upper School 9 - 12
Bullis College Counseling

Helping Students Navigate the College Admission Process

The College Counseling Office supports all Bullis Upper School students as they navigate the college admission process.

  • Bullis Upper School students build trusting relationships with their college counselors.
  • These Bullis counselors help students build a list of colleges where they will thrive personally.
  • From there, they advocate fiercely for each student with these colleges and universities.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the necessary tools to make good, informed decisions.

The college counseling office also offers a variety of resources and annual programs that provide developmentally appropriate information to students and parents.
Letters from Bullis college counselors hang on the walls of college admissions offices as examples of excellence, singled out for giving the clearest sense of the applicant.

While 100% of Bullis graduates get into college, Bullis counseling team members are even more proud that Bullis Alumni are great friends, respected community members, devoted parents, hard workers, and Bulldogs through and through!