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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Bullis School's Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Bullis's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is embedded in our school's values: Caring, Challenging, and Community.

Students, faculty, and community members commit themselves to embracing each person with empathy and respect. Dedicated to creating safe learning environments, faculty facilitate conversations that aid students in understanding complex community, national, and global issues. We strive to celebrate the talents, voices, and authentic expression of every individual and ensure that our commitment to our school's values is reflected in our school’s policies, curricula, and programming.


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Bullis embraces a range of people with various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds and various lifestyles, experience, and interests.
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Bullis observes fair and equitable treatment, access, opportunity, and engagement for each member of our community.
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Bullis is an environment that respects and values all perspectives, especially ensuring that persons within historically underrepresented groups are included and represented.

DEI at Bullis

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Celebrating Diversity

At Bullis, we are committed to honoring our diverse community and cultivating a school culture in which every member feels safe, seen, heard, and valued.

Diversity is celebrated at school events — not just at the big events but in the daily interactions of the students, faculty, and parents.

Diversity Blog & News

Educational Speakers

Connect. Inspire. Empower. Motivate.

Joanna Lohman

Joanna Lohman

Joanna served as our keynote speaker and panelist at the National Day of Silence and Education on LGBTQ+. "The individual who stands in their truth during times of challenge and controversy is the person I want to follow," she said during her speech. Joanna educated students about the importance of allyship, leadership, challenging ourselves to consider others' perspectives, and being your authentic self.

Watch the PRISM assembly

Dr. Kern Jackson

Dr. Kern Jackson

Dr. Jackson concluded our Black History Month programming by reminding us that we’re all connected in some form or fashion. He indicated that with the skill sets and obtained knowledge you have, you must do something worthwhile in this world for those who are less fortunate.

Watch the Black History Month assembly

Sara Brenner

Sara Brenner

Sara Brenner, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Foundation in Greater Washington, D.C., visited our campus to educate us on the ill effects of antisemitism and how we, as a collective, can combat these acts of hate and discrimination towards Jews and other marginalized groups. “Listening with an open mind and heart is the first step to building a more equitable and just society,“ she said about how to combat antisemitism and racism as a whole. “It is essential that we view people as individuals rather than projecting stereotypes onto them.”

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Sam Mihara

Sam Mihara

The Upper School Social Studies Department hosted Mr. Sam Mihara, a World War II Heart Mountain camp survivor, for a poignant educational visit with Upper School students funded by a Parents Association grant. His firsthand account highlighted the injustices faced by Japanese Americans, emphasizing the importance of learning from history to prevent this from happening in the future.

→ Read Article: Reflections on Resilience: Guest Speaker Sam Mihara's Journey from Heart Mountain to Hope

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