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Upper School Technology

Bullis School’s Technology Department offers a selection of courses that provide students with the opportunity to develop beginning to advanced proficiency in computer science, computer programming and website design. Cross-curricular technology classes in digital art and digital music complement the offerings. A variety of software programs are integrated throughout the Upper School academic curriculum including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Technology Electives

Introduction to Programming

The Introduction to Programming course is designed to acquaint students with fundamental concepts in computer programming. Students will learn how to design and implement algorithms using computer programming in a fun, easy to learn, drag and drop environment. Each trimester will focus on a different programming environment, but are not sequential in nature, so students can sign up for any or all trimesters of the course. Students will have the opportunity to program in 2-D and 3-D environments to create animations and games. This course is intended for both students interested in higher level programming and for students who just want a fun way to explore the basics of computer science. Credit: from 1/3 to 1

Advanced Placement Computer Science A

This course will be offered in a hybrid format, meaning that some of the course meetings will be face-to-face in a classroom while others will occur virtually in an online setting. Students interested in taking this course will be asked to attend an orientation session in the spring so that they can be fully introduced to the requirements of taking a course in this fashion.

This intensive, yearlong course focuses on advanced programming concepts and techniques. The benefit of taking it is developing imagination, abstract thinking and logic in addition to learning about object-oriented program design, program implementation, program analysis, standard data structures and algorithms. The course is designed for students who have successfully completed Introduction to Programming, which includes the foundations for the Advanced Placement Computer Science curriculum. However, students who have demonstrated exceptional interest and aptitude in mathematics and computer science may take the course with departmental approval Students begin the course writing small programs using primitive data types, the String class and the array data structure. The purpose of these programs is to teach students how to use conditional statements, iteration, relational and logical operators. By means of numerous programming exercises, labs, and projects, students further learn about abstract data types, interfaces, polymorphism, inheritance, searching, sorting and recursion. (Prerequisite: Introduction to Programming or departmental approval) Credit: 1

Web Design

Web Design is a one-trimester course that incorporates the foundations of website planning, design and development. Primarily through the use of online website building tools, students learn how to create and properly format web pages, manipulate images and integrate lists, tables and styles. In addition, students will have opportunities to explore and create web pages designed for mobile devices. Credit: 1/3

Engineering Design: Robotics

Students enrolled in this course will learn the fundamentals of designing, building and programming robots through a hands-on, project-oriented curriculum. Students will be organized into teams to complete a series of projects that encourage innovation, problem-solving and teamwork. These projects are ordered so that each builds upon the last, and they will range from simple tasks to complex obstacle courses or games for robots to compete with each other. Robots will be constructed from LEGO and other parts and programmed using ROBOTC software. Credit: 1/3

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