Upper School

Student Handbook

Starting in the 2011-12 school year, our Student Handbook will no longer be printed, and will reside here on this website.

Dear Students and Parents,

This year we are pleased to be introducing a new theme that captures the essence of Bullis: Achieve Excellence through Balance. This theme speaks to the great accomplishments of our students and our school within a context that values the importance of balancing academics, athletics and arts, a richly diverse community, and traditional values with progressive approaches. At Bullis, we believe this kind of balanced approach creates the ideal environment for our students to succeed and thrive.

While flexibility and innovation are at the core of how we operate, we also believe that high standards of conduct and character development are important for providing clear guidelines for students. This Bullis School Handbook outlines our policies and procedures, which are intended to be clear but still allow students plenty of room for self-expression, creativity, growth and exploration. Please take some time to review this handbook with your student, and to keep it handy for reference throughout the school year. The handbook is also available online on this website (in the Student Life section).

We update the handbook every year to reflect changes in our policies and the changing world in which we live. We urge you to participate in this process by offering your suggestions and raising any concerns you have about anything you read in this handbook. Please email your child’s division principal with your thoughts.

Thank you for keeping the dialogue going and working with us to ensure the ongoing commitment we all have to creating the best environment for our students to learn and have fun at the same time.

Dr. Gerald Boarman
Head of School

(Updated August 22, 2011)