Bullis Summer Programs

MathTree: Bean Counting 101 and Masterpieces & Masterminds

Using real beans and MathTree® templates, young campers learn basic math principles through fun and games. Campers work on single-digit addition with a focus on numbers that add to ten. Campers also explore odd and even numbers to discern patterns about them separately and together.

Campers enjoy Masterpieces & Masterminds for the second half of the day. In Masterpieces, campers create fascinating objets d’ art with a twist of geometry, from mobiles and Mobius strips, to pointillism and pentagons, and discover how closely art and geometry are related. In Masterminds, campers develop problem-solving strategies through play with a wide range of primarily 3-D puzzles.

Provider: MathTree has been providing summer math camps for children of all ages in the metropolitan D.C. area since 1999. Lynn Salvo, founder and president of MathTree, Inc., received her PhD in math education leadership from George Mason University. 

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Ages: 5½ - 7

Weeks of/Times:
June 23
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Fee: $420