Student Life

Student Leadership

The Middle School and Upper School each have their own student government bodies:

Middle School Student Government is an organization that represents the wishes of the students and offers students the opportunity to propose changes in school policies. Its elected officers help organize schoolwide events, generate school spirit and work to improve the quality of student life. Student government hascreated new student activities (TV and activity nights), organized fundraisers for disaster relief (earthquakes and tsunamis) and worked with the administration to revise the student snack and dress code. By creating opportunity for student voice, students learn skills in public speaking, collaboration, communication, and responsibility.

The Upper School Student Government serves as a liaison among students, faculty and administration. The group meets to address student concerns, plan all-school activities, including Homecoming, and organize committee work that may effect school policy. Student Government prides itself on doing more than just organizing activities. Its broader role is to institute changes that reflect the needs of the Bullis student. Click on the Student Government link at left to learn more.