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School Rewards Program

Bullis School Parents Association

The Bullis Parents Association is continuing to participate in several school rewards programs. Your dollars will be at work for programs we support while you shop for groceries, gifts, music, books and more. There are three different ways Bullis supporters and families can be involved; thanks to Giant Food, Safeway and Amazon.com Associates, your shopping dollars will translate into dollars for Bullis.

Some of these programs are similar to those Bullis has participated in before, while several are new and exciting—so please read the information below and at the corresponding links. You must re-register for each program this year for Bullis to earn credit! Thanks for registering today!

Thanks for supporting Bullis School!

Giant Food's A+ School Rewards Program

Sign up today by clicking here to go to the A+ School Rewards Program link. To ensure that our school earns proper A+ School Rewards Program credit, you must re-designate each year. Even if you designated a school last year, you MUST re-designate this year. You may also sign up at any Giant Food store. Fill in your BonusCard number, the first three letters of your last name and Bullis's ID number which is 00746.

The Giant program runs from October 9, 2011 through March 31, 2012. For every dollar you spend at the Giant Food store using your BonusCard, Bullis will earn one point. Each month Giant also offers different items that earn 50 more points per purchase (extra credit items)! And remember, shopping with Peapod on line also counts! Together we can earn thousands of dollars to help the Bullis Parents Association programs-do it today!

Safeway and eScrip Merchants Program

Sign up today by clicking here to go to the Safeway and eScrip Merchants Program. You may also sign up at any Safeway Food store. Fill in your Safeway club card number and Bullis's ID number which is 6577065.

The Safeway program sign up deadline is November 1. For every dollar you spend at Safeway, Bullis will receive a percentage of your purchases. Get busy and sign up now! Bullis has great earning potential!

Amazon.com Parent Associate Program

In Association with Amazon.com

The Bullis link to our Amazon.com Parent Associate program is now activated. Click on the Amazon.com logo above to go to their site and just start shopping. As long as you start from here, Bullis will earn 5% of your total purchase, and it does not increase your amazon.com purchase price!