Bullis Parents Association

Welcome to the Bullis Parents Association

Parents are an important part of the Bullis family. As such, every parent is a member of the Parents Association. The Bullis Parents Association is committed to developing and strengthening the family-school partnership in order to enhance the education of all Bullis students and to build a strong community.

Not only is every parent a member of the Parents Association, there is a role for every parent. Parents are encouraged and urged to get involved. Being an active parent makes the experience that our children have as a member of the Bullis Community more rewarding and fulfilling. Please take a few minutes to click on the Volunteer Form to the right to learn how you can help.

You are also welcome to attend our monthly PA Board meetings. Most of all, I hope you will be an active, involved family—parent participation is such an important part of the Bullis community. I look forward to seeing you on campus throughout the year, at the many school- and PA-sponsored events.

Debbie Friedlander
President, Bullis Parents Association

Parents Association Calendar


MS parent/teacher conferences

Thru: 4/25/2014

US Spring Dance Show

7:00 PM

Bullis Gives Back 5K Race

Visit this link


Parents Association board meeting

8:00 AM

Alumni Golf Tournament

Visit this link


LS parent and principal coffee

8:00 AM