Bullis Parents Association


Name and Purpose

The name of the organization shall be Bullis School Parents Association (hereinafter called “The Association”). The purpose of The Association is to promote the partnership between the parents/legal guardian and Bullis School, acting as a forum for communication, community awareness and fostering school spirit. The Association does not participate in Bullis School policy making. The Association was established in the year 1975, and the following Bylaws were revised and approved by The Association in 2012.

Article I - Membership

The membership of The Association shall include any parents or legal guardians of a student enrolled at Bullis School.

Article II - Powers and Duties

Section A. Powers and Duties of The Parents Association Board

  1. All administrative powers granted herein shall be vested in a Board (hereinafter called “The Board”). The members of The Board shall consist of an Executive Committee: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer; and the Chairperson(s) of each Standing Committee and Grade Level Coordinators. The Chairperson of each Standing Committee and Grade Level coordinators shall be appointed by the President.
  2. When vacancies occur on The Executive Committee, a successor to complete the term shall be appointed by the President with the approval of The Board except that the Vice President will automatically fill any vacancy in the office of the President.
  3. It shall be the duty of The Board to implement policies and procedures of The Association, and to interpret and enforce the Bylaws of The Association.
  4. The Board shall coordinate and present its recommendations to the appropriate school representative(s) concerning matters of interest to The Association.
  5. The Board shall approve an annual budget for the expenditure of all Association funds and may amend the same.
  6. The Board shall have the power to approve or authorize use of The Association’s name by individuals or others for fundraising promotion, publicity or other purposes. The Association name shall not be used without Board approval.
  7. The term of office for the Chairpersons or Coordinators of the standing committees shall be from the first of July through the thirtieth of June, a period of one year.

Section B. Powers and Duties of Officers

The Officers of The Association, as enumerated in Article II, Section A.1., above, shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. No officer may serve in the same position for more than two one year terms. A second one year term is implicit unless notice is given prior to the January meeting. Prior to serving as an Executive Committee Member of The Board, an individual shall have served on The Board for a period of at least one year. Officers can be removed for cause by the President, or by a vote of three officers of The Executive Committee.

1. The powers and duties of the President shall be as follows:

  • To act as the spokesperson for The Association.
  • To preside over all meetings.
  • To oversee the functions of other officers.
  • To coordinate the development of the agenda of each meeting.
  • To communicate with Bullis School Administration.
  • To serve as an ex-officio member of the Bullis School Board of Trustees.
  • To call special meetings of The Association as required.
  • To appoint special committees.
  • To appoint Standing Committee Chairpersons and fill vacancies as needed.
  • To serve as an ex-officio member of all standing committees.

2. The powers and duties of the Vice President shall be as follows:

  • To assist and to undertake other such duties as are assigned by the President.
  • To coordinate The Association and school event calendars. The Vice President shall approve all Association event dates after consultation with the Bullis School Administration. The Vice President shall act as the liaison to the Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • To assume any or all the responsibilities of the President in the event the President is unable to do so.
  • In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of the President, the Vice President shall automatically become the President of The Association. He/She shall serve for the remainder of the term of the President, which, if longer than six (6) months, shall constitute one term under Article II, Section B.
  • At the conclusion of the Vice President’s second term, it is expected that he or she become president.

3. The powers and duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:

  • To record and distribute minutes from all of The Association Meetings.
  • Distribute Association meeting agendas.
  • To keep files of all Association Committee reports and meeting handouts.
  • To manage correspondence for The Board.
  • To maintain a current list and contact information of Board members.
  • To contribute and maintain an archive of all Association files.
  • To undertake such other duties as are assigned by the President.

4. The powers and duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

  • To keep an exact account of all receipts and expenditures of money and of all monies on hand.
  • To work with The School business office to insure that all Association revenues and expenditures are all properly processed.
  • To give an accurate and current Treasurer’s Report at each Association meeting.
  • To develop an annual budget in conjunction with Board members, to be presented at the first Board meeting of the fiscal school year.
  • To undertake other such fiscal duties as are necessary to fulfill the Treasurer’s responsibilities and/or as assigned by the President.

Section C. Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee acts on behalf of The Board to address specific issues that require attention between Board meetings.
  2. The President convenes Executive Committee meetings when it is deemed necessary. Any two other members of the Executive Committee may also request a meeting.
  3. The Executive Committee will develop guiding principles for meetings throughout The Board’s term.

Section D. Powers and Duties of Standing Committees

  1. As indicated in Article II, Section A.1., there shall be Standing Committees, and the Chairperson of each shall serve on The Board
  2. Within the limitations of their respective budgets and powers, the Standing Committees and the duties of each shall be as follows:

    • Bulldog Committee—The Bulldog Committee supports and promotes school spirit and sportsmanship throughout the year at Bullis athletic events and activities.
    • Community Service Committee—The Community Service Committee seeks to make community service a part of everyday life for Bullis families.
    • Cultural Competency Committee—The Cultural Competency Committee serves as a liaison between the school and the parents to promote sensitivity, understanding and acceptance of all facets of Bullis’ unique and diverse group of students, parents and staff.
    • Staff Appreciation Committee—The Staff Appreciation Committee coordinates the staff appreciation days, organizes refreshments for staff throughout the year and sponsors other activities designed to recognize the Bullis staff.
    • Gala Committee—The Gala Committee plans and manages Bullis’ largest annual fundraiser in partnership with the Office of Institutional Advancement.
    • Library Committee—The Library Committee works in partnership with the Bullis staff to organize a series literary events throughout the year.
    • Parent Education Committee—The Parent Education Committee plans and implements speakers and other activities which provide parents the opportunity to discuss issues of interest.
    • New Families Committee—The New Families Committee supports the Bullis administration during the recruitment, enrollment and orientation of new families to the Bullis community.
    • Newsletter Committee—The Newsletter Committee is responsible for the publication of the Bullis Parents Association Newsletter, the primary communication tool between Bullis families and The Association.
    • Parents Council Committee—The Parents Council Committee represents Bullis at the Parents’ Council of Washington meetings. The council strives to foster communication among parents, students and independent schools through its programs and publications.
    • Volunteers Committee—The Volunteer Committee is responsible for organizing, assigning and tracking volunteers for The Association and school events.

Section E. Powers and Duties of Grade Level Coordinators

Grade level coordinators serve as the liaison to the appropriate grade level principal and work with room representatives to plan and implement grade level/division activities and special events.

Article III - Meetings

Section A. Meeting of the General Membership

One general membership meeting will be held in April to elect The Executive Committee.

Section B. Board Meetings

  1. The President shall call and hold Board meetings at least six times a year as appropriate and additional meetings as the need arises.
  2. Business transacted at any meeting of The Board shall be limited to the purposes stated in the notice of such meeting.
  3. Votes taken during a Board meeting shall require a simple majority unless stated elsewhere in the Bylaws.

Section C. Notice of Meetings

  1. Notice of all General Membership meetings shall be communicated in writing and distributed at least ten business days prior to the meeting.
  2. Notice of regular Board meetings shall be posted on the school calendar.
  3. Notice of additional Board meetings under Article III, Section B, shall be communicated in writing at least five business days prior to the meeting.

Section D. Quorum Requirements

  1. A quorum for a properly called General Membership meeting shall consist of those present.
  2. A quorum for The Board meetings shall consist of a simple majority of The Board members.

Article IV - Election of Executive Committee

Section A. Nomination of Officers

  1. A Chairperson for the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President, from those who volunteer to serve in the position at the October Board meeting. The Chairperson cannot be a member of the Executive Committee. The Chairperson will solicit names from the community for persons who would be interested in running for available Executive Committee positions and will forward all suggested names to the Nominating Committee.
  2. The deadline for names submitted will be December 31st of that year
  3. The Chairperson will distribute the names of persons interested in serving on the Executive Committee 10 business days prior to the Nominating Committee meeting.
  4. The Nominating Committee will consist of the Chairperson of the Committee, two current Executive Board Committee Members and two Board Members.
  5. At the January Board Meeting, Board members interested in serving as a member of the Nominating Committee for that year shall so indicate by a show of hands. If there are more than two candidates interested in serving, the Board will vote on the candidates at the January meeting. The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be added to the Nominating Committee. In the case of tie votes, the Board will vote until the ties have been broken. If fewer than two candidates are interested, the most senior member of the Executive Board who is not seeking nomination shall appoint Board members to the vacant positions.
  6. The slate shall be presented to the Board at the March Board meeting. The Board shall vote to forward the slate for a General Membership vote at the April Parent Association Meeting.

Section B. Election of Executive Committee Members

Notice of the election and the proposed slate of Executive Committee Members shall be communicated in writing to the general membership at least ten business days prior to the April General Membership meeting. The notice shall outline the slate of officers approved at the March Board meeting, for presentation to the General Membership for approval at the April Association meeting.

Article V - Use of Assets

Upon the dissolution of The Association, The Board shall pay the liabilities of The Association and dispose of assets exclusively for the purpose for which The Association was organized. No part of the net earnings of The Association shall inure to the benefit of its members, officers or other private persons. No part of the activities of The Association shall be carried on to influence legislation, participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. The Association shall not engage in other activities prohibited to an organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under the Internal Revenue Code.

Article VI - Amendments

A Bylaws Committee will be appointed by the President, every two years (the even years) to review and recommend changes to the Bylaws. The Board shall consider the Bylaws Committee recommendations and vote on whether to bring them for consideration to the General Membership. The amended Bylaws may be accepted or rejected by two-thirds (2/3) vote at a General Membership meeting held in accordance with Article III.