Global Studies

Students experience firsthand the distinct and exciting cultures of the world when they take advantage of the travel opportunities at Bullis. Trips vary in nature but all are led by Bullis faculty and may include study, community service, home visits and sightseeing.

Over the years student groups have traveled to a variety of destinations including Spain, Turkey, India, France, Thailand, Peru, Italy and China. The Bullis Model UN club has participated in conferences in China and Russia, drama and choir students traveled to Italy and Austria to showcase their talents at international festivals and art students explored France and Italy while studying famous pieces and creating some of their own. Groups of students volunteered their time performing community service work with Habitat for Humanity in the Dominican Republic, Caring for Cambodia in Cambodia, and Learn Serve in Paraguay and Zambia.

Global Studies & Service Trips

Upper School Travel Opportunities 2016-2017

Innovation Italy

Explore Italian design and innovation in fashion, cuisine, and automobiles on a 1-week trip to Northern Italy. You will visit the Ferrrari, Lamborghini, and Ducati factories and museums near Bologna. Then you will tour the fashion district on Milan, take a cooking class at Academia Barilla in Parma, and travel around Lake Como. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn about the fascinating design of Italy. (March, Ms. Finigan)

French Language and Culture

Experience the language, culture, and history of France on a ten-day exchange with Lycée Saint Joseph in Toulouse, France. The students from St. Joseph will be visiting Bullis in October, giving our students a chance to meet and know some of them before our visit. Students will spend a part of the trip attending school classes and events with their hosts, and another part of the trip touring local and regional sites in southwestern France. (March, Ms. Martin & Mr. Métée)

London is Calling

Explore London to gain a deeper understanding of literary and historical themes in Britain. Students will see and experience firsthand the important people, places and events that have shaped the literature and history of Britain. Students will practice analyzing key themes in British literature and history, and gain appreciation for a new culture and its people. (June, Ms. Via)

Discover Panama

For centuries Panama has been at the crossroads of the Americas. It served as the ideal location for the Panama Canal, a massive construction project that fundamentally changed the world, and allows them to play a big role in the global economy today. On this trip, students will visit the Panama Canal and gain an understanding of its importance to Panama, the US, and the world. We will also have a chance to explore Boquete, where we will visit the rainforest and a coffee plantation. This is an important aspect as we plan to spark discussion of business’ social and environmental consciousness and awareness. (June, Mr. Whitford)

Photography in Iceland

Iceland is a country filled with breathtaking landscapes and unique geological phenomena. Making art and photography the central focus of this trip will not only give you the chance to capture your experience in a concrete way, it will also allow you to analyze the scenery in a technical way. Since the trip will take place in the summer, daylight is abundant. This will maximize our opportunity to explore, photograph, and draw. Moreover, you will also experience Icelandic hospitality and friendliness firsthand through your interactions with the local people. (June, Mr. Riffee)

Bulgaria Service Trip

Bullis students will have the unique opportunity to engage children in the municipal orphanage of Bulgaria. Many of the children have special needs and are placed in the orphanage due to their parents’ inability to care for them. Not only will our students see the conditions that these children endure and see how simple changes can improve their lives greatly, they will be able to see the impact of their interactions on the children. During the trip, we will also have an opportunity to visit a country with a rich history dating back to Roman times and visit UNESCO World Heritage sites. (June, Ms. Brewer)

Architecture of Venice and Croatia

Positioned along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Venice and the coastal cities of Croatia reflect their rich histories and unique cultures through their art and architecture. This trip will begin in Venice with a focus on the architectural styles as influenced by historical events, engineering breakthroughs and use of natural resources. Across the Adriatic in Istria, we will examine how Venetian, Austrian and Hungarian culture have influenced the region. Students will have a chance to compare city plans and cathedrals while developing their architectural vocabularies, sketching and identifying structural elements to become thoughtful observers. Moreover, students will observe principles of engineering in the pylons that lay at the foundation of Venetian structures and the evolution of churches as heavy structures gave way to open domes and soaring rooftops. (June, Ms. Darling)

Caring for Cambodia

This trip has been filled for December 2016. Transform your life and those of others as you assist in the building of school in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia. During this trip, you will interact closely with Caring for Cambodia, a non-profit organization that works towards providing education to children in poverty stricken areas. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about the history of Cambodia and Asia, and the hardships that are prevalent in the country. Join us on this eye opening adventure. Read about last year’s trip.

Bullis encourages us to experience all that the world has to offer.

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