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Western High School
4600 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

Bullis School10601 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD 20854(301) 2998500Add a NoteMiles Per SectionMiles Driven
1. Start out going southwest on Falls Rd / MD189 toward S Glen Rd.go 0.2 mi0.2 mi
2. Take the 1st left onto Democracy Blvd.
  • If you reach Woodford Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
go 4.4 mi4.5 mi
3. Turn left onto MD187 N / Old Georgetown Rd.
  • Giant Food in Georgetown Square Shopping Ctr is on the corner
go 0.3 mi4.9 mi
4. Merge onto I-270 S toward I-495 E / Silver Spring.go 1.6 mi6.5 mi
5. I-270 S becomes I-495 E / Capital Beltway / I-495 INNERLOOP.go 8.5 mi15.0 mi
6. Merge onto I-95 N via EXIT 27 toward Baltimore / New York.go 26.4 mi41.4 mi
7. Merge onto I-395 N via EXIT 53 toward Downtown / Inner Harbor.go 1.5 mi42.9 mi
8. I-395 N becomes S Howard St.go 0.2 mi43.1 mi
9. Turn right onto W Pratt St.
  • W Pratt St is just past W Camden St
  • Subway is on the corner
  • If you reach W Lombard St you've gone a little too far
go 0.8 mi43.9 mi
10. Turn left onto S President St.
  • S President St is just past Constellation Way
  • If you reach Albemarle St you've gone a little too far
go 0.3 mi44.2 mi
11. S President St becomes I-83 N / Jones Falls Expy.go 4.5 mi48.6 mi
12. Take the Cold Spring Lane East exit, EXIT 9A.go 0.4 mi49.0 mi
13. Merge onto W Cold Spring Ln.go 0.3 mi49.3 mi
14. Turn sharp left onto MD25 / Falls Rd.
  • MD25 is 0.1 miles past Grand View Ave
  • Texaco is on the corner
  • If you reach Evans Chapel Rd you've gone about 0.2 miles too far
go 0.3 mi49.6 mi
15. 4600 FALLS RD is on the left.
  • Your destination is just past Dove Dr
  • If you reach Hillside Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
49.6 mi
Western High School4600 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21209(410) 4673767Add a Note49.6 mi49.6 mi
Total Travel Estimate: 49.56 miles about 1 hour 3 minutes 5mi10km

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Bullis School
10601 Falls Road Potomac MD 20854
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