How do Online Learning @BULLIS courses work?

Online Learning @BULLIS courses are fully online, credit-bearing courses that are housed in the Bullis Haiku learning management system. These online courses are facilitated by qualified Bullis School instructors. Students may participate from any location that has adequate connectivity. Online Learning @BULLIS teachers use technology to lead instruction; students are responsible for all assignments and assessments—just like Bullis traditional courses. Online Learning @BULLIS courses are not easier than traditional courses; they are just more flexible.

Who teaches Online Learning @BULLIS courses?

Online Learning @BULLIS courses are not self-directed; all online courses are facilitated by qualified teachers.

Are Online Learning @BULLIS courses accredited? Is a transcript issued?

The Online Learning @BULLIS program is fully accredited; transcripts are issued upon course completion.

What if I start an Online Learning @BULLIS course and I don’t like it—can I change to a traditional course?

As with the traditional Bullis classes, there is an official course drop/add period. An Online Learning @BULLIS course that is dropped after the drop/add period, may appear on the student transcript as a “Withdrawal.” If scheduling and space allow, a student may transfer into an equivalent traditional course; however, this is not guaranteed. In a transfer, grades earned in an equivalent online course will transfer to the traditional course and make up a percentage of the trimester grade based on when the change is made.

Can I move from a traditional course into an online course?

If circumstances allow, a student may transfer into an equivalent Online Learning @BULLIS course. This will depend on availability and realistic expectations that the student can catch up on any work that was missed. In a transfer, grades earned in an equivalent traditional class will transfer to the online course and make up a percentage of the trimester grade based on when the change is made.

Can I accelerate and finish the course faster than the traditional school calendar?

While there is flexibility within an Online Learning @BULLIS course, the course calendar aligns closely with the Bullis School calendar.

Can students work at their own pace? Do assignments have due dates?

Online Learning @BULLIS courses allow students more flexibility than traditional, face-to-face courses; however, timelines and assignment due dates are established by the course instructor.

How do I take tests?

Online Learning @BULLIS course tests may be taken in the Bullis School Academic Center, while others may require a proctor. Specific instructions regarding assessments will be addressed by the course instructor.

What qualities define a successful Online Learning @BULLIS student?

While Online Learning @BULLIS students are strongly supported by their instructors, students need to be able to stay on task, meet deadlines, and be self-motivated. For additional information, visit the section on tips for a successful online learner.

How do I enroll in an Online Learning @BULLIS course? Is administrative approval required?

Online course offerings for a particular school year appear on the registration materials that are provided to students. Students may sign up for an online course as part of their course load for the school year. Some online courses may require advance approval from a teacher and department chair. See your counselor or instructional support administrator. Your advisor will have information about the courses you have been recommended for, and the curriculum guide includes course prerequisites in each course description. See the assistant principal of academics for any additional information.

What if I want to take an online course in the summer? How do I sign up for that?

Summer online course offerings appear in the registration materials for the school year that follows the summer. Complete instructions are given for signing up for an online course and subsequently registering for that course. Online course registrations are done by parents only at a website provided to the parents by the registrar; there is a fee with a non-refundable deposit for each registration of an online course offered in the summer.

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