Middle School

Community Service

Embedded in the Bullis School philosophy is the notion that through community service, students discover what matters most to them as individuals. They learn that the well-being of their local community is a shared responsibility which in turn enables them to explore their humanity and become active and responsible world citizens. Community service helps students learn to be leaders, to empathize and to apply moral principles to real-life situations.

Much of the middle school community service is done by grade level or in advisory groups. The sixth grade has engaged at service on the Bullis campus, making sandwiches for local food banks. In April, 2011, they established a relationship with a DC school, adopting younger students and building a relationship with the students, teachers and administrators. Seventh and eight grade students engage in service several mornings throughout the year. The will sort clothes or prepare overnight bags at one of several shelters, play with students at a daycare, clear land at a a local community farm, or clean up a local environmental center. There are also several division service projects that can be designed by student government, National Junior Honor Society, or any other student group. Students have created drives for Thanksgiving Baskets, cereal, winter coats, and various organizations who offer aid to stricken geographical regions. The emphasis is on having students engage their world.



Learning that the well-being of the community is a shared responsibility, and enabling students to explore their humanity and become active and responsible world citizens.