Middle School


Emotional, moral, social and intellectual development is fundamental to the healthy growth of Middle School students. The Middle School advisory program helps support this development by promoting age-appropriate activities and discussions about integrity, accountability, awareness and respect. Advisory helps students build connections within the community and helps the Middle School develop and maintain a caring, challenging community.

The Advisory Program helps develop these connections in several ways:

  • Students will receive individual support from a faculty member who will encourage them to set goals, take responsibility for learning and increase self awareness. Students will consider how best to challenge themselves by using the resources around them, seeking help, managing time, taking risks and learning from mistakes. The advisor will also communicate with parents.
  • Students will participate in group activities, guided discussion and informal conversation to discuss their role in creating a caring community built on integrity, accountability, respect and trust. Grade level themes of community (6th), collaboration/teamwork (7th) and leadership (8th) will provide the framework for many activities and discussions. These activities will also help students to build cohesive, meaningful bonds within the Bullis community.
In advisory groups, students will engage in community service, learning how to become active and responsible world citizens. They will reflect on their experiences, roles in the community, ability to respond to the needs of people and the world around them, and responsibilities to themselves and others. 

Supporting emotional, moral, social and intellectual development that is fundamental to student growth, Advisory helps students build connections and maintain a caring, challenging community.