Lower School


The Lower School technology program supports the exploratory environment of the Lower School classroom. Students and teachers use tools that will work in support of the core academic values of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, resourcefulness and creativity. Rather than function as an isolated skill, all technology activities are integrated into the regular classroom curriculum.

Technology Objectives

  • To support the development of creativity and critical thinking
  • To provide opportunities for collaboration and communication
  • To learn safe and appropriate use of technology.
  • To promote independent thinking and student leadership through peer support

In support of these objectives, starting new in the 2013-2014 school year, all Lower School students will have one-to-one access to school-provided iPads to “Record, Reflect and Celebrate.” In addition to traditional activities such as writing and research, students will use iPads to reflect on work, record their reflections and celebrate their work sharing with classmates, parents and the entire community. This process of sharing is known to help with retention and reinforcement of the learning process, and the ease, mobility and tools that the iPad offers will allow students to communicate, collaborate, compare and collect information, and archive work in a wide variety of formats.