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Actions Are Worth a Million Words

At the recent NAIS conference in Orlando, Florida, the audience was asked to work together and create a statistically measurable sign of a great school. Our answer: Compare the rate children enter school in the morning with the rate they leave in the afternoon. In great schools, students enter much faster than they leave.

If this is a valid measurement tool, Bullis is indeed a great school! Take the afternoon before spring break as one example. The entire school gathered in the gymnasium at 2:00pm to watch the seniors play basketball against the teachers. The game went into overtime, the crowd was deafening, and no one wanted to leave. Afterward, students in grades 2-12 sauntered back to North and South Halls in large clumps, recapping the game. As I walked behind one cluster of girls laughing together I thought, Hey! Spring Break just started, why aren't these kids rushing to leave?

As a carpool veteran, I love seeing our second graders skip into South Hall, and I laugh when I overhear 8th graders begging their parent to “come back at 5:15.” Please visit our campus to see our students. Actions really are worth a million words!


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