Online Art Gallery, Winter 2013

Welcome to our Online Art Gallery. Bullis’ robust Visual Arts Department offers a variety of classes for students at all skill levels, and we are pleased to offer this gallery to exhibit some of the fine work from the spring trimester. 

Click on any of the tabs below to view student art, and check back often for newly exhibited and posted pieces. Or, CLICK HERE to view the entire online art gallery.


Lower School Art

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All LS students had the exciting opportunity for most of the month of February to work with Hand Works Studio to sew and create individual quilt squares. All the squares were then sewn together to create a large quilt from each grade that will be sold at the Gala this year. The 3rd grade quilt has a nature theme, 4th grade focused on tall tales, and the 5th grade created two quilts celebrating favorite books.

In addition, students in each grade had different project assignments for the winter trimester.

In 3rd grade, students studied Eric Carle and made different kinds of paper which they then cut up to make an exciting animal collage. The background was painted with watercolors.

During 4th grade, we study ten different watercolor techniques. This unit ends with a final circus painting in which students must demonstrate at least six different techniques.Students also learned about traditional gargoyles and were asked to sculpt an original clay version.

In 5th grade, students worked on several different projects: 

  • Rainforest animals started with pencil drawings, which students next outlined in glue and finally added soft pastels to the back paper.  
  • “Falling for Foreshortening” self-portraits, in which they appeared to be falling backwards. They studied methods of creating this illusion and worked with pencils, paper, markers and sharpie.  
  • Scratch boards provided an opportunity to study texture and line. They used black and silver scratchboard to capture the furry feel of animals.B y scratching away at the paper, they created the lines and texture needed to make the animal come alive on the page.  
  • Food! Students were asked to hand build with clay and glaze their favorite kind of food, from sweet treats to pizza and they all looked delicious!


6th Grade

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Students studied art styles from different cultures, including Aboriginal art, Mola design collages from Panama and Adinkra stamps from West Africa.

7th Grade

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Students worked on perspective drawing, watercolor animals, and a line Monoprint collaboration.

8th Grade

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In 8th grade, students may select major and minor electives. Those who selected art—both majors and minors—created animal eyes using acrylic paints.

AP Studio Art

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Student work here displays some of their work in their individual concentrations, including pattern, printmaking and fauna; construction, utility and hardware; pattern, abstraction and design; and working with amorphous forms and “sculptures with feelings.”

Art II

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Students focused on sculpture and painting this trimester. In painting still lifes, students were challenged to work quickly in order to maintain loose brushstrokes and lively color, and thereby develop a more painterly approach.

Sculpture assignments examined repetition. Students built a sculpture in the round using both negative and positive space. They created singular units (a triangle, square, etc.) and then, only using those units, built a purely abstract sculpture.

Visual Art II

Students made a set of boxes that fit into one another, and learned a new glazing technique using decorative motifs and cropping tools.

 Bryana Small 9th 2.JPG

Bryana Small, Grade 9 


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Students were directed to alternate their work on the wheel with hand building. Some students threw objects (see Connor’s cup) and then add to it. Others chose to hand build in a mold and then work on the wheel.

Advanced Studio Art

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Students worked on a series of three pieces. In this unit they were self-directed and worked with their teacher to choose materials and develop their ideas.


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Stacey Mannuel’s class assignment was to hand build a cup and attach a handle that has been sculpted into an animal. Sioned Vaughan made the sculpture in the round of a tsunami. The other students whose work is displayed here worked in the style of Claes Oldenburg, who is known for his work creating very large representations of everyday objects. Students practiced this exaggeration of scale by making items that are at least twice the size of the original object.


By Nadia Fallahi, Independent Study: Printmaking 

Bullis Visual Art